First Blooms

95B98CE7-265A-45B1-B13F-02CC2211B475Waiting for the very first burst of color to break through in the days following fading spring bulbs is not a game for the weary.

This hectic time is filled with mulching, planting, lugging compost, laying out drip tape, netting, hoop-bending, and countless other tasks not to be mentioned unless counting sheep isn’t working for you.

Really, there’s not a lot of actual waiting going on. But, always — running on loop in the back of my mind. It’s there.

The anticipation and excitement of seeing those first pops of blush and bashful resting atop long stems and whether the promise of seed catalogs and expert recommendations will live up to what I’ve been dreaming of for months.

Colibri poppies have failed to disappoint.

Colibri poppies in peach, white and blush are among the first blooms at Mabel’s Acre in Freedom.

We are so excited to share these (and many others) with you in the coming season as we begin offering local seasonal flowers, grown sustainably in Freedom, WI.

Learn more about our weekly availability for florists and wholesalers by joining our mailing list. If you’re looking for information for retail purchases, like buckets of blooms for your wedding or summer event, click here.

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